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Our company which started to work with cold iron steel construction work in Heybeliada in 1992, started to rental business with bicycle sector in 1996. Our company which has been researching on steep slope and loadable three wheel electric bicycle which is suitable for Adana Conditions once, ADALAR has become the next means of transportation for its people from phaetons. In 2000, ARGE investments, increasing market share in line with the importance given to institutionalization, has made our company to decide for new investments in the process of decision making in the sector. When environmental factors change, continuous production of gasoline prices and traffic problem, our company provides advantages to buy lots of products Adabis brand sales were presented with an eye to continue its sales by inserting the market etmistir.adabis TURKEY bike was sold. Adabis Bicycle, offered for sale, offered for sale. Adabis today, was not preferred by a majority of Turkey's largest corporate firms in products and services; it continues its path with the excitement of the first day without losing its value.

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